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About Jason

With a passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals and over 26 years of kickboxing experience, it’s no wonder that Jason Battiste is transforming lives.

A former Canadian Super Middle Weight Kickboxing Champion, Jason is no stranger to fitness training. After sustaining an injury to his hand, which forced him to retire from Kickboxing at the age of 31, his focus shifted to training. Now, Jason doesn’t just train, he wants to positively change as many lives as possible. A Course Conductor for Fitness Kickboxing Canada, Jason teaches certification courses and workshops regularly. In addition to his years of experience in Kickboxing, Jason is a Can-Fit-Pro certified Fitness Professional and is certified in CPR and first-aid.

Are you ready to get fit and healthy this year?

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Jason Battiste kickboxing sessions develop the whole body and burn up to 600 calories per hour with inspiring and fast-paced workouts!



Jason Battiste is dedicated to his clients and to supporting their goals to develop skill, strength and coordination.



Work with the BEST and see results FAST. You will not find a better full body workout than what Jason Battiste provides.

As far as epiphanies go, or bright ideas and eureka moments, former Canadian Super Middle Weight Kickboxing Champion Jason Battiste is not what you would expect.

“I learned that the key to happiness is helping others.” He says reflectively, “So maybe that’s selfish of me.”


“Training with Jason Battiste has given me speed and power that I never had before. No matter how hard I worked on my own, I couldn’t get to the next level.”

Kim Davis

“Jason is an excellent instructor and has the ability to make training interesting, while tailoring it to everyone’s level of fitness and athletic ability.”

Wayne Brush
Executive Vice-President

“It was a non-stop physically demanding cardio workout. I put in many hard and fast kicks and punches and got a great workout.”

Jeany Havergal
College Student


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